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Darcy's Story

For anyone, who is as obsessed with P & P as I am - and I'm certain there are many - the most natural thing is to wonder, after you've read P & P, what was going on in Darcy's head. What's his side of the story? His point of view, his opinions? Jane Austen told us one of the greatest love stories (I'm going out on a limb here, but I dare you to refute me) through the heroine's eyes. While Elizabeth is a practical and generally sensible story teller, it might seem very biased. Just the story-telling part of it. And because I like Mr. Darcy more than I like Elizabeth, for all the obvious reasons, I've always wondered, from probably my second reading of the book over ten years ago, what exactly was he thinking?
This book, Darcy's Story by Janet Aylmer, came out soon after the BBC adaptation of the classic. There are way too many around, if you ask me, and very few live up to the expectation. Many try to mimic Miss Austen because there is no other …

Thursday Next

A bookworm's treat! That's one of the best compliments I can give to any book, and this series of novels by Jasper Fforde deserves the title like no other in the postmodern literature movement!
A very literary inclined friend of mine suggested that I read this series. Or at least the first book, The Eyre Affair. She insisted that for someone who has grown up with English literature as the backbone for her love of books, this would definitely provide for interesting reading! And how right she was!
The protagonist, Thursday Next, is an agent with the Literary Division of SpecOps, daughter of Wednesday and Colonel Next, niece to Mycroft and Polly Next, one an inventor and the other a brilliant mathematician. They live in a world, an alternate (and republic) England, with George Fromby is President, where literature is taken seriously. So seriously that people are named, or change their names, to their favorite authors, and have to be tattooed with an identification number; like …